Does your business register on the radar or national and local press? What’s your main PR risk, and do you have a strategy to handle a situation should things go very publicly wrong?  Our team are highly experienced in this arena.  We go beyond simply writing a press release. Our team of journalists understand how to craft a story so it will appeal to commissioning editors. We also take time to research and tailor pitches to suit the publications which will reach your target audience.

Our PR team understands the importance of cultivating the right contacts and sending stories at the right time. We have a strong range of contacts and we also understand the etiquette of communicating with the press — several of us have been commissioning editors on leading national titles.

We also have team members experienced in corporate communications. If you need someone who knows exactly what to do, and what not to do in a crisis, we can help.


Finding the right people to communicate with is vital to the success of any organisation. Through stakeholder mapping we can help you to create an effective strategy to identify and research the right people to contact and to communicate with them in the most effective way. Whether these are gold standard clients who can turn your business around, key decision-makers or influencers, our stakeholder mapping services are real game-changers. Take a look at our team page to see the experience our team has, and call us if you’d like an honest and well-informed conversation.