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Gloss Media is an award-winning agency led by highly experienced journalists and communication specialists.

Many marketing teams have excellent experience in developing and delivering content, but need support with that crucial next step of getting influencers and publications to share it.

If you or your teams need help amplifying your marketing messages through effective PR and stakeholder campaigns we’re here to help.


We can deliver training via zoom calls or 1-2-1. 

Our workshops cover the basics of PR and reputation management:

  • How to get your content published in the press
    (and keep getting it published)
  • How to engage and collaborate with key influencers
  • What to do if things go wrong: Crisis comms planning 
  • Building a reputation: how to identify the right contacts and build strong relationships — a critical key to success.
  • Establishing yourself or your brand as experts in your sector.

We deliver our training programmes via video conferencing calls or in person in face-to-face sessions for groups or individuals.


Why do so many press releases get deleted before a reporter has even read them? Discover how to gain immediate and attention and get good coverage in all the right publications.


Increasingly, customers want to know they are doing business with an organisation that cares about the way it does business. We’ll guide you through the process of reputation management and help you to put in place an effective crisis communications plan so you are prepared if things go wrong.


Learn how to identify and connect with influencers effectively. Understand the best ways to build relationships and collaborate so that the right people share your posts and messages.


A specialist area is supporting and training construction consultancies in strategic communications to ensure the smooth running of projects. We can assist from initial stakeholder mapping to creating a well thought-out timeline of engagement with the right groups and individuals.

Choose the perfect plan



An understanding of how PR can work for you, a clear set of brand messages you can use across all marketing, and a range of PR ideas to put into practice over the coming months, PLUS a huge sense of excitement around what can be achieved!

* Bespoke training packages can be designed on request.



An understanding of the key processes you need to put in place to ensure ongoing engagement with key influencers who can ensure your messages gain maximum reach with your target audience on social media. Prepare to see engagement and awareness of your brand or project soar.

* Bespoke training packages can be designed on request.



A clear and effective plan to manage communications in the event that your reputation is under threat in the media, both mainstream and social media.  Identify likely scenarios, understand key steps to managing a crisis quickly and effectively and importantly, understand which actions are likely to inflame or calm a media crisis.

* Bespoke training packages can be designed on request.



Knowing the role of stakeholders in project management is important to ensuring the success of your project.

Most projects you work on will involve multiple stakeholders, who can support or hinder your  progress. By identifying  useful advocates, sponsors, and agents of change and establishing a clear strategy to manage communication, you can negate risks and gain huge advantage in reaching your desired outcomes.

* Bespoke packages can be designed on request.


We are passionate about taking the time to listen and understand our clients’ needs and providing training that is designed to meet their goals.

Our team has experience as senior journalists and editors working across a range of national print media and broadcast channels, managing PR initiatives that have been covered by the Telegraph, Independent Online, BBC, Sky News and ITV.

We have significant experience working for major UK utility clients, FTSE 100 companies managing their communications strategies and overseeing crisis communications.


WHAT Our clients say

"I have been working with Gloss Media since 2016 and really value the service the company provides. The team has taken the trouble to get to know me and my work really well and with their background of journalism and creative writing on most platforms they can always conjure up a post or story with a unique perspective. The team has excellent contacts in the press and is well respected in the field which is important when you are a business trying to compete for media coverage in a big world. No matter what we have asked Gloss to do - manage press interviews, create presentations, write stories, even work with me for my Ted Talk, Gloss Media has been my 'go to' guide for help and support. Priceless!"
Pat Smith aka Action Nan by Harry Borden
Pat Smith aka Action Nan
Environmental Activist and owner of Bosinver Farm Cottages
"Gloss Media have supported Teambuild UK Ltd since March 2019 with a full range of comms support. They have been first-rate: proactive, innovative, energetic and constructive throughout. It’s been excellent to have them on our Team!”
Clinton Leeks OBE
Teambuild Trustee



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